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Our Purpose
“We will recount to our children the Lord's praises in language they'll clearly understand. We'll tell them about His power and amazing deeds.”
Psalm 78:4, source uncertain

We consider each and every child a precious gift from God. We, the program teachers, will endeavor to equip each child with the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, lovingly teach and pray for the children in our care and model the fruit of the Spirit in our day-to-day lives.


Teaching Goals
1.Scripture memorization (Bible bucks program)
2.Teach and test:
   • Books of the bible
   • Memory verses
   • Ten Commandments
   • Fruit of the Spirit
3.Teach the value of prayer
4.Teach the value of giving


Babies are a special gift from God and we love to coo, cuddle, rock and sing with them while mom and dad attend our services. You can leave any special instructions with us and have peace of mind knowing your precious little one is being well cared for.

Erin Village Alliance Church Children

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